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The Geoblock program is integrated software for 2D/3D modelling, computational geometry and visualization of spatial datasets. The program can be used in Earth sciences particularly in such fields as geology modelling and mining, ore reserve estimations and prediction of mineral liberation under grinding and mineral processing operations.


The program supports several spatial dataset types for scientific computation and modelling: Points, Drill-holes or Boreholes, Polygons, TINs (Triangulated Irregular Network), Solids, Grids and Meshes.

The generation of grids and meshs in 2D/3D is implemented. Routines for exploration and processing drillhole data include: statistical data analysis and data transformations; compositing drillhole samples inside benches and grade intervals; calculation coordinates of samples along drillholes and exploration lines; prediction of mineral liberation phenomena in grinding operations and ore dressing parameters, simulation of mining processes in pits and shafts, etc.

Interpolation methods: Inverse Distance, Linear, Closest Point, Kriging, Natural Neighbours and Polynomial Regression.

Constructed grids and block models could be used for open pit optimization and mine planning. Deposit reserves for any ore type or sort can be calculated with different methods using spatial computer models.


Combined datasets can be organized into Model collections and displayed inside Map Window of the program as a combination of contours, wireframe or block models simultaneously.

Several spatial models could be visualized simultaneously in GeoScene window of the program using Project Manager as shown in the next figures:

The databases are stored in PostgreSQL + PostGIS. The spatial data and graphical objects may be exported/imported in DXF (AutoCAD), MIF/MID (MapInfo), GRD (Surfer, ArcInfo) and some other formats.

Tools & Libraries

Development Environment:

The Geoblock software is written in Object Pascal language and plugins may be written in C++Builder.

Included libraries and components:

GLScene, Jedi Codes, Graphics32,

GSLib – Geostatistical Library,

VirtualTreeView - the treeview control

Necessary software tools:

TortoiseSVN, Code Formater,

MS HTML WorkShop


GNU Gettext - GNU gettext for Delphi

poEdit – the tool to edit translations


You could help the Geoblock project development as a programmer, code donator, document writer, as a partner or distributor. If you have any proposals and questions about the program, please, send your request to mailing lists or main administrator of the project: