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Technical support and distribution



The contents of the Geoblock program are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (see for more details). This means that it is not in public domain therefore in the case of redistribution or reselling the program should include the initial developer and contributors as it stated in the MPL:

Accordingly to the license you may download, compile and use the Geoblock software for non-commercial purposes. When solving tasks using Geoblock for third organizations you may define sufficient supply for developers by yourself. If you donate some money through PayPal on it will accelerate the preparation for upgraded version of the Geoblock.


The GeoblockÔ  program is registered product and delivers in two variants:

  1. Geoblock Lite. Installation and Users Guide; delivery through the Internet or by e-mail. Internet shops.
  2. Geoblock Pro. Installation on CD/DVD; printed Users Guide and Reference Manual; Example ABC Database; Tables of Elements, Minerals and Rocks with natural textures; additional Spatial Objects and Plugins; Registration and Technical Support.


The profit share for distributors and developers in each copy of the GeoblockÔ  program represented in the next table:



Price in USD

(without taxes)

Share of distributors

Share of developers

Geoblock Lite


70% or $67

30% or $28

Geoblock Pro


30%  or $285

70% or $665


So if you are a developer and distributor of the GeoblockÔ  program simultaneously the total share could be more then 70%.

The share pay might be made through PayPal system on page.


The distribution of the GeoblockÔ   installation CD/DVD  and technical support is carried out by: